About Us

Mark Steel Corporation was founded in 1968. We knew at that time what our goals were: first, to establish a standard of excellence in the steel fabrication industry; and second, to do so with honesty and a firm commitment to human values.

The years since then have been successful ones. Now in the fourth decade, the company maintains two separate plant sites, which together comprise 17 acres of operating space. Each plant is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and staffed by highly trained personnel.

We serve the needs of virtually every industry. From petrochemical and refining; to gold, copper, and coal mining; to water and air pollution control; to power plants, transportation and beyond, our work has played a crucial role.

But even more important to us than what we've achieved is what we managed not to lose - the human touch. Our people are by far our most valuable resource. At all levels, they have distinguished themselves by their unique skills and devotion to their trade. The people at Mark Steel Corporation have built a company on the leading-edge of technology in our field, enabling us to meet your most exacting requirements.